Shared living in London


We have all started to welcome more flexible approaches to work and life, especially after the many challenges that the past 12 months have brought.

London has seen a number of stylish and inspiring shared working spaces being built in every area, so it’s only natural that shared living is the next big thing to happen to Londoners.

Why is shared living so attractive to Londoners?

The London property scene can be a head-scratching affair. When looking for a room to rent in London, most are faced with the daunting gauntlet confusing contracts and unexplained costs.

With the amenities of a boutique hotel and a strong sense of community, shared living spaces offer London renters something new and unique.

Moving to a new city, with a new job can be daunting enough, without having to concentrate on actively getting out and making friends. With house share companies such as London Shared, the community living aspect is a major factor in the decision to rent a room.

Young professionals want to move in and immediately concentrate on their careers rather than setting up and paying bills, buying furniture, and organising a cleaning rota. Shared living houses come fully furnished, all bills are included and there is a weekly cleaner.

What are some of the best areas for shared living in London?

Our handy area guides are here to help and look at many different London neighbourhoods – best for shared living. Check them out:

ClaphamShepherd’s Bush

Shared living in London is more than just a home. It’s a lifestyle, a network, and an opportunity to connect with others in increasingly isolating urban environments. All of which appeals to both young professionals and older generations.

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