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So what is co-living? Think modern apartment, beautiful communal areas to hang out with friends, like-minded professional housemates, all-inclusive bills, a weekly cleaner, and more. Shared living is no longer for students - with London Shared, you can rent a fully-furnished room with all the mod cons.

Interested in joining our co-living community? Find out a bit more about us with our FAQs below, explore our core values take a look at our lovely rooms and get in touch.

Your Tenant Questions answered

What sort of people rent your properties?

Almost all of our residents are working professionals in their late 20s to mid 30s. We basically try and rent rooms to people who we would want to live with ourselves.

Is it mainly guys or girls in each property?

We try and keep an even mix of guys and girls wherever possible.

Are your tenants from any specific country?

No. We have tenants from all over the world, though the majority are from the UK.

Is there a limit to the amount of people you put into a property?

Yes, absolutely. We don’t expect you to live in an overcrowded house so we are mindful about how many people live in each property.

Can I have a friend stay?

Yes, of course (within reason). It is your home and you can have friends visit, but only with the approval of your housemates and for a short period time.

We also need to be made aware of anyone extra staying as a guest for safety and insurance reasons (just shoot us an email). Please note we do not allow people to doss on the couch, camp in the yard or live under the stairs!

Do you accept couples?

No unfortunately not. We have strict rules in place with the amount of people we can have within a property.

Where is my deposit kept?

We send it away to one of the three government- backed schemes called the Deposit Protection Service (

It is kept there under their custodial scheme until the end of the tenancy.

Can I pay my last month’s rent via my deposit?


A deposit is kept to cover any damages in the property; you cannot use it to pay rent.

Can you deduct monies from my deposit if you think I have damaged something?

Not without your permission.

Any deduction must be approved by you in writing. If there is a disagreement, then it would be reviewed by an independent arbitrator who would decide what is fair. We can’t just spend your deposit money.

Do you quite often take monies from a deposit for damages?

No. It is very seldom that we ever have to deduct any monies from someone’s deposit and we would prefer not to.

How do I pay rent?

You pay rent monthly by standing order from your bank account.

How do the bills work?

In our properties we maintain a fixed cost per week per resident for bills so you know exactly what you will pay each month.

You will know what the amount is before you move in, and it will stay the same during the rental period.

What is included?

All the main bills are included such as council tax, gas, electricity, TV license, and water.

And at no extra cost to you, we provide WIFI and a weekly cleaner (for communal areas) to all our residences.

What are all of your fees and charges?

Tenancy & Administration fees

  • Holding deposit - Equivalent to one week’s rental amount
  • End of tenancy cleaning (charged upfront) - £70.00
  • Rent arrears or non-payment of other charges - Charged at 3% above the Bank of England's base rate from the date the rent falls due
  • Utilities - £35.00 per week

I am a postgraduate student – will my bills be cheaper?

Good for you for furthering your education. But no student aid here, alas. Everyone in a house pays an equal share.

What is provided for bedroom furniture?

It varies.

It varies. Generally as a minimum, you will have a bed, bedside cabinet, wardrobe and drawers.

What is provided in the living room?

This again varies.

This again varies. In general, there is a sofa and an armchair or two, a coffee table, a rug, and a dining table with chairs. And there is always a big flat screen TV.

Do you provide all kitchenware?


We provide everything you need including cutlery, crockery, utensils, pots and pans, a kettle, a toaster, a microwave and other essential items. (Are they colour-coordinated? No, not really.)

What about an iron and ironing board?


We know you’ll want to look crisp for work, so of course we provide ironing equipment in every house.

Is there any extra cost associated with the internet?

No. We cover the cost ourselves.

Do you also provide a house phone?

We do not provide landlines. Or fax machines. Or carrier pigeons.

How often does the cleaner come and does the cost form part of my bills?

Once a week.

Cleaning is provided for free as long as the service is not abused (e.g. leaving dishes etc. every week for the cleaner to do rather than doing them yourself).

Will the cleaner clean my room, too?!

Sorry – they only clean the communal areas.

Is my room cleaned prior to me moving in?


Every single time anyone leaves a property we organise for an extra deep clean of their room so that things are immaculate for the new tenant.

Do you charge for cleaning when we leave?

Yes, there is a £70 fee for cleaning when you leave.

Can I do my own end of tenancy clean to save on the fee?


As you’ve no doubt discovered in your own experience, not everyone’s definition of “clean” is the same. We have our cleaners carry out a specific level of cleaning for every incoming and outgoing tenant to avoid any inconsistency.

Whom do I call if there is something that needs to be fixed in the property?

You call our dedicated property management team who will organise a contractor to fix any issues.

What if it is an emergency and you are closed?

Prior to moving in, we give you numbers of our contractors you can call out of office hours if there is a genuine emergency.

Do we have to stay home to provide access to tradesmen?

We try whenever possible to provide keys and access ourselves, but on the odd occasion we may request that you provide access.

What sort of tenancy agreement would I sign?

You would sign what’s called an Assured Shorthold Tenancy agreement.

It’s a basic UK legal document common in London and elsewhere in the country (or “bog standard” as we’d say).

Can I keep a copy?

Yes, we can give you a copy or we can hold it for you in our office and give you one at your request.

What if I lose my job, can I break the contract?

We will decide on a case by case basis with every tenant. If we do allow you to break a tenancy agreement early then you would need to find a replacement that we approve of.

What is the minimum tenancy length?

The minimum tenancy length is six months unless an exception is made for an individual with a temporary work contract. This would be made at our discretion.

Our Core Values


Bringing people together

A great housemate is a friend for life. We’re proud that we connect professionals and create communities across the capital.


Treating people like people

A home is never just a transaction, and we’ll treat you as we’d like to be treated ourselves.


Embracing innovation

We’re fearless in using technology to drive change, challenge the norm and make your experience the best it can be.

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