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It’s hard to keep up with the pace of change in Brixton. You turn your back for one minute and suddenly there’s a new pop-up shipping container serving pulled pork. But while other neighbourhoods have struggled to keep their spirit alive, Brixton still has plenty of soul.

The brave new Brixton is booming. Brixton Pop is a hive of local businesses selling vintage wares and street food with live music in the evening. And Brixton Village surely has the highest concentration of people having brunch outside of Sex & The City. The biggest danger to your personal safety is getting bumped by a pram.

The good news is that Brixton still has the swagger we know and love. By day, Electric Avenue throbs with market traders and music blaring through speakers. At night, the beats still bang at underground favourites like The Windmill, while unpolished gem Dogstar is London’s oldest DJ bar. Brixton has a vibrant street art scene, while local galleries like Block 336 are perfect for a quick navel gaze.

Is it well connected? Yes and yes. Brixton is the end stop on the Victoria line, so you’ll always get a seat on the tube. Woo!

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