The benefits of letting to professionals in London


If you’re just getting started as a landlord, you’ll understandably want to rent out your property fast. Whilst it might be tempting to rent your home to the first person who comes along, you can’t put a price on quality, law-abiding tenants with a regular income. Here are the main reasons why renting to professionals is a smart move.


Reliable income

In the capital there’s a big market for professional tenants looking for quality housing. Young pros working in industries like finance, law and insurance often have well-paid jobs, are less likely to fall into arrears and are willing to pay that little extra for well-located homes with leisure and entertainment on their doorstep. Professional tenants are highly prized, and London Shared goes to great efforts to find the most reliable tenants around.


Your home will be looked after

Professional tenants are often saving up for a home to buy, so the chances are they’ll be extra careful about causing any accidental damage so they can keep their deposit in full. Professionals are used to living with other people, so by the time they settle into your home they’ll be seasoned in the art of getting along with housemates. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with renting to families, students or social tenants, but in our experience the advantages of renting to professional tenants are second to none.


Professionals stay for the medium to long-term

Unlike students who often swap properties each year at university, professional tenants tend to stick around. Many tenants want to find their feet in a new city, or they have secure, long-term jobs with little incentive for upheaval. Nothing’s certain in life, but with professional tenants you can expect stable tenancies without any stress. Equally, professional tenants won’t overstay their welcome and are less likely than families to bring furniture-destroying pets (cute as they are).


They know other professional tenants

No landlord wants a void period where their property remains empty. Professional tenants swim in social circles, and if they enjoy a tenancy they’ll be more likely to recommend the home to their peers when they eventually leave. With so many unscrupulous landlords about, professional tenants value secure tenancies, well-furnished properties and a quality management service. As such, your London Shared home will be worth its weight in gold.


London Shared has helped thousands of professionals from companies like Deloitte, PwC and Morgan Stanley rent properties in the capital. If you’re interested in renting out your home to professional tenants, check out our landlords page to find out more.


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