Letting out your home – hear from one of our landlords


We know being a landlord can be challenging. From worrying about finding tenants, to maintaining your property and keeping your tenants happy.

By hiring a property management company such as London Shared when letting out your home, you hand over all those stressors, giving you the peace of mind that comes with knowing your investment is in good hands.

We recently spoke to one of our loyal landlords and asked them about their experience in letting out their home with us.

1.    How long have you been working with London Shared?

I have been working with London Shared for 6 years.

2.    Why did you decide to use a property management company?

A leaflet through the door piqued our interest and when we explored further we decided to commit to working with London Shared.

3.    What part of the London Shared offering do you find most valuable?

The predictability and certainty of cash flow and the fact that all trade visits to the property and general maintenance, with multiple quotes where appropriate, are organised by London Shared at no additional cost to us.

We can forget about the house and leave it with London Shared knowing that they will take care of it and all related matters or concerns.

We can’t recommend London Shared enough – a professional and transparent service that frequently goes above and beyond.

We offer the simplest, most stress-free way to rent out your property. As property managers, we are dedicated to renting out your property, furnishing your home, and finding professional tenants.

If our services are of interest to you, you can reach us on 02076109004, or on,  [email protected], and allow us to take good care of your property.

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