How do we get inspiration for our houses?


We caught up with our interior design team to pull together some information on how they get inspiration for our properties! 

A Blank Canvas

When we take on a new property, it is always a blank canvas, an empty house! Our design team carefully select all of the hard and soft furnishings to make that house feel like a home! 

We asked Amelia Lay, our interior designer or “The Home Maker” as we like to call her why London shared put so much effort into designing their homes? 

“We believe designing any home is extremely important. A home should be a kind of oasis from London madness; somewhere you can relax and unwind. We need to create a warm and inviting space while having functionality for a co-living environment. Minding the details of co-living, London Shared design with heart and sensitivity but also focusing on spaces that work well, facilitate friendly environments and are practical.”

Finding the inspiration

There are many places and objects where you can find inspiration for interior design projects. Some are obvious, while others might be unique to the theme of your design. Below are some of the areas our designers get inspiration. 


It may seem crazy, but there are so many incredible interior design companies, bloggers and influencers sharing beautiful, creative ideas. Instagram is like the modern-day magazine, and this is one of the first places we look. We have put together a list of some of our go-to accounts!

The Lovely Drawer

With 25K followers, The Lovely Drawer by Londoner Teri has a strong emphasis on design, interiors and DIY projects. Teri, who initially trained in print and surface pattern design, started her blog in 2012. Teri’s Instagram feed shows a love of pastel colours and a pale grey neutral base, which works wonderfully on camera. 

Mad About the House

We get serious inspiration from almost every room on interiors blog Mad About the House, founded by interiors journalist Kate Watson-Smyth. The pictures are stunning – showing achievable looks and practical advice about adding colour, pattern and new looks to your home. 


Pinterest is a fantastic space for inspiration. Our interior designers will quite often type in little searches to help them finish off a room or get creative ideas around kitchen storage, or bedroom storage ideas. Pinterest is made up of boards, and users will pin similar images to pull together ideas and designs for their homes. Here are a few of our go-to accounts

Curate and Display is one of our favourite accounts, and her boards are something to die for! This Nordic lifestyle inspired blog always gets us inspired. Tiffany Grant-Riley focuses on minimal interiors, muted colour and full home renovations. 

Lobster and Swan provides us with all the cool, calm and collected vibes. Be careful when browsing this one as it may also make you feel a little hungry!

A Quiet Style has an incredible eye for flower arrangements! With over 689,000 monthly views on her Pinterest account is sure to get your creative juices flowing. 


Amelia loves to explore little independent shops in London. One of her favourite locations is in Islington, a small street called Camden Passage it hosts an array of stunning stores. On a more recent trip, we asked Amelia to capture a few images for our blog post that we thought we would share with you below.

We hope this gives you a little inspiration for your next interior design project! We’ve got to be honest we had a lot of fun pulling this together for you. 

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