Finding the right home when moving to a new city


Moving to a new city can be incredibly exciting, but it also comes with its challenges – like finding a place to call home. Where do you even start?

Take a read through our top tips on finding the right home.

Set your priorities

Before even beginning your search, sit down and make a list of all the important elements you want in your new home. These could be things like an open floor plan, a garden or double bedroom. Rank these elements in terms of priority and make sure the home you choose meets all the points in the upper part of your requirements list.

Location, location, location

Kirstie Allsopp and Phil Spencer are spot on! For most, the location of your future home is one of the most important factors to consider when searching for a home. We suggest always asking yourself the following:

  1. How far away is my home-to-be from my work or children’s school?
  2. What sort of local amenities are on offer? Are there any good shops, restaurants and green spaces nearby?
  3. What are my transportation options?
  4. What is the crime rate of the area?
  5. What is the community like in the area?

Home-to-be features

If you don’t want to spend time pruning and de-weeding on your weekends, then having a garden is a no go for you. It is important to find a home with features that meets your needs.

Your home should be big enough to accommodate your things but also small enough to be affordable and require as little maintenance as possible, especially if you like to escape the city for the countryside or jet off into Europe on the weekends.

However, as much as your home should be about meeting your current needs, considerations also need to be made for the future. Is there room to grow? A home needs to be adaptable to the changes in your life.


You need to feel financially comfortable that you are renting a home you can easily afford, not only in terms of rent, but also with regards to utility bills and maintenance costs.

Look beyond the rental price when calculating your housing expenses, various factors can add up to the total costs.

There is no place like home

Dorothy used those magic words and found her way back to Kansas, the same applies to you, it should always feel like home. Can you answer yes to all the below? If so, you have found your new home!

  • Does it feel warm and comforting when you enter the front door?
  • Can you start envisioning your own items in the house as soon as you take your first look around?
  • Can you picture your friends over for a dinner party or barbeque?
  • Can you see yourself living in that place for many happy years?

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