A guide to international moving companies


Each year the number of people moving abroad is increasing, especially since the pandemic and the movement to work remotely. Those who have moved houses know how stressful the process can be, and this stress can become tenfold if you decide to move across borders.

Having a reliable and trustworthy moving team at your disposal is so important, as it will make the process of moving a breeze.

We have compiled a list of the best international moving companies to assist you in making an informed decision about who to hire for your international move.

1. Top Removals

Top Removals is a moving and storage company working nationally, in London, as well as internationally. They have units on the ground throughout Europe and aim at making the moving process less stressful for all.

Top Removals allow for easy tracking of your goods, so you can see exactly where your belongings are at any given time. Additionally, Top Removals belong to the IAM (international association of movers) and thus follow a strict set of regulations that ensures your property is in good hands at all times.

For more information on this moving company please visit https://www.top-removals.co.uk/international-removals/ to view their FAQs.

2. The Relocator

The Relocator is an international moving company that strives to simplify and help with the transparency of the international moving industry. They offer free quotes and affordable services to help move your beloved belongings worldwide.

To date, over 500 movers are part of the team that helps you get the best price and services for your international move. Their website (https://the-relocator.com/international-moving-process/) clearly describes each step of the international moving process in detail so you can know exactly what will happen to your goods.

3. First Move International

If you are looking for safe, secure, and fast international moving services in the London area, First Move International is a go-to company. They take the safety and security of your household goods and personal effects as their number one priority.At First Move International, they operate on scheduled weekly departures and have a presence in over 144 countries worldwide. To see if first move international is the right moving company for you, visit https://www.shipit.co.uk/international-removals/london

4. Anglo Pacific

Anglo Pacific has been in business for over 30 years and claims to be the UK’s largest internal removals company. Each year they deal with over 200 000 shipments nationally and internationally. Anglo Pacific’s key areas for moves are Australia, New Zealand, Canada, South Africa, America, and Asia.

A unique feature of this moving company is that they are experts in handling precious items, such as fine art and other expensive artifacts. Their focus is on their clients and providing them quality service and peace of mind over stressful moves. For any further questions visit their page at: https://moverdb.com/anglo-pacific/

5. Cadogan Tate

Cadogan Tate focuses on high-end and premium removals. Their motto is: “Everything Handled with Care.” Their services are designed to cater to private individuals and corporate clients.

Cadogan Tate will assist every step of the way, from packaging, transport, storage, shipping, as well as customs clearance. They can even assist with the relocation of pets and the shipment of vehicles to all continents.

For more please visit their website: https://moverdb.com/cadogan-tate/

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