3 smart technologies to help improve the efficiency of your property


We are currently living in the technological age, where the internet has changed the way we live and work. We can now turn off our lights, lock our doors and even change the temperature on the thermostat all from the palm of our hands.

The new trend of smart homes has swept through the world recently. But being “smart” doesn’t always mean a connected device will save you energy. We have compiled a list of 3 smart technologies that will help improve the efficiency of your property and ensure that “smart” also means energy efficient.

1. Thermostats

Online thermostats allow homeowners to wirelessly monitor and control their home’s heating and cooling remotely from their phone. These programs can even change temperatures by what time of day it is.

The way this smart application improves the energy efficiency of your home is that it has internal systems that include geofencing. This is a perimeter that allows your smart system to know if you are home or not and adjust the temperature accordingly.

If you are wanting to invest in a smart thermostat there are many options available. A study was done on which thermostats available were the best, they were tested for simplicity of set-up and use, flexibility of system and level of features. These are some of our suggestions based on the study:

2. Connecting your lighting

By connecting your home’s lighting system to your phone you will  improve the energy performance of the lighting system. By having access to your home’s lights on your phone you are able to switch lights off when not at home, and likewise on as you are arriving back. Arriving at a lit house will help with safety measures and make you feel more comfortable as you enter your home.

Best smart light bulbs of 2022:

3. Home energy monitor

If you are interested in improving your home’s energy efficiency and saving money, this installation is a great option. The energy monitors have advanced sensors that analyze all appliances and devices within your home for the amount of energy each uses. This will allow you to track what appliances are using the most energy, so you can avoid wastage and turn off unnecessary devices.

ETCS (energy testing & compliance solutions) offers services that will provide and install at home energy monitors for you. For more information you can visit their website https://www.e-tcs.co.uk/services/energy-monitoring/ or contact their London branch at: 02038 978 175.

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