How to make your rented flat feel like home


When you rent a home with London Shared, the standard of house decoration will already be super-high. Still, there are loads of little touches you can make to ensure your rented pad is a home away from home. So even if you’re not an interior design genius, follow these house decoration tips and tricks and you can’t go wrong!

Stock up on plants

It’s no secret that space is at a premium in the capital, so loads of Londoners are bringing the outdoors inside. It’s amazing what a difference a few house plants can make to the look and feel of a home. So take a trip to much-loved garden centres like Battersea Flower Station, stock up on some ivy, aloe vera and cacti and watch your home turn into a botanical paradise!

Invest in some artwork

Just because you don’t own a home doesn’t mean you can’t put your personality into your living space. And one of the simplest house decoration tips is to introduce some eye-catching artwork. There are so many fab London galleries where you can fill your boots with colourful prints, not to mention local art fairs, markets and university exhibitions. You don’t even need to hang pictures on the wall to make a splash — simply leaning a frame against a fireplace mantel or shelving unit will create an impression. So take a trip to the Tate Modern or V&A — or order online — and add a dash of colour to your home.

Go big on textiles

For those little touches of homeliness, there’s nothing to stop you scattering your sofa with some cushions, a quirky throw, or maybe a patchwork quilt. A nice wall hanging can go over a doorframe or headboard, and you can always take these fabrics with you when you leave. Whether it’s a crocheted blanket or a sheepskin rug, there are loads of additions you can make to give your home that warm, fuzzy feeling in the cold winter months. So start spinning yarn, or better yet go to M&S!

Fill your bookcase

A well-filled bookshelf is a great way to bring your personality into your home. If you’re more of a Netflix person, here’s a little secret — no one reads half the books on their shelf… So buy some second-hand Penguin Classics, alphabetise if you must, and turn that corner of your living room into your very own personal library.

Brighten up your bedroom

During an average lifetime we spend 25 years asleep — yikes! — so there are plenty of good reasons to make your bedroom cosy. Get some quality bed linen for that extra personal touch and your sleeping space will feel snug as a bug. Of course, your London Shared home will already be impeccably furnished, but if you’re particular about curtains and rugs, a House of Fraser shopping spree is never a bad idea.

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