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When the history of London property gets written, we'd definitely like to be seen as the early visionaries of shared accommodation, the first to really "get it right". We are not an estate agency, we're property managers, really. The basic model is simple enough: we lease a property from a landlord on a 3 to 5-year agreement, and then we rent out the rooms to working professionals. We do all the hard work so the landlord doesn't have to.

For tenants, it's a new-and-improved "2.0" version of communal London living. For instance, all of our properties have flat-screen TVs and free Wi-Fi, and we send a cleaner weekly. For professionals concentrating on making their mark in the Big Smoke, it takes away a lot of hassle not to have to sit around the kitchen table figuring out who owes what for the heating.

Our Story

Meet the founders of London Shared

Kim and Jake met as estate agency colleagues in 2004. A few years later, on a beach in Thailand, they bumped into one another, nearly by accident. Sitting on the sand sipping cocktails (though Jake swears it was beer), they swapped ideas for making a bigger dent in the UK property business, and hatched a plan to do it. Back in the Big Smoke, they pooled their nous, ambition, and experience, and together they established London Shared in 2007 to rent properties from landlords, provide rooms to working professionals, and make shared accommodation easy for all.

Kim Felettigh and Jake Willis with company mascots Mango and Kona

The dream team

Meet the team

Jake Willis

Founder & Managing Director

Half-British, half-Kiwi, Jake initially went to hospitality school with the plan to run bars and hotels and suchlike.
In 2004, he sailed for the north England, arriving in Liverpool, where his dad was a university lecturer. "Straightaway I answered an ad for a sales job. Whoops - it ended up being selling flashing pens door-to-door! So I quit after the first day and went to London."

He pulled pints at the White Horse, now adjacent to London Shared's home office. Jake moved on to a small coffee kiosk outside the headquarters of a large estate agency, where he picked up the notion that the property business might be more lucrative. After being asked to interview, Jake managed to get the job and the nickname “coffee boy”. He spent about 3 years of so working his way up the ranks of the agency before taking a sabbatical to a Thai boxing camp in Thailand, and the rest is history…

Jake’s big into his health and fitness, with his passion being training and competing in a martial art called Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (“basically I get beaten up a lot”). He is a big foodie, with a love of fine dining just as much as random street food. He also likes attempting to be a MasterChef at home with varied results. When not doing the usual travel and meeting up with friends he can be found in the park, trying to stop his dog Mango from eating everything in sight.

Kim Felettigh

Founder & COO

The property business is all Kim knows, as she started working in it back in Australia at the age of 17 (so, like, five years ago, then? “I wish,” says Kim).

Born and raised in Sydney, Australia, she read finance at university while working in real estate and studying for her Australian real estate licence.

In 2004, she moved to London and worked at one of London’s leading estate agencies, alongside her future London Shared business partner Jake.

After a year back in Australia, Kim bumped into Jake while travelling in Thailand and on a beach in Phuket they came up with the idea of London Shared.

Kim’s into food and travelling, and loves to combine the two, whether it’s via a cooking course in Thailand, or trying to eat her way across Italy. Other than food she likes running, skiing, Pilates and her dog Kona.

Claire Hardwick

Head of Business Development

Our very own lettings guru, Claire has spent the past 10 years living and breathing lettings in South West London. She now claims to know the area like the back of her hand! Having worked in within a traditional lettings agency, we convinced Claire to join London Shared where she has embraced the non-traditional agency approach, and now heads up our Business Development and Lettings team.

Outside of work, you'll find Claire with her husband, a glass of wine in hand (usually red), whilst convincing everyone that her French Bulldog, Billy, is the custest dog in the world.

Laura Langhorn

Business Development Manager

A Northern girl at heart, Laura grew up in Matlock, Derbyshire. She has been in estate agency for fourteen years, biting the bullet four years ago by moving from Brighton to London - swapping the Sea for the City! She loves the industry but was super excited to no longer be an estate agent by joining London Shared as a Business Development Manager.  
Laura is a bit obsessed with boxing - although not tempted to get in the ring! She’s also into yoga, tennis in the Summer and bouldering (rock climbing). She is also a big foodie – and likes cooking and eating good food (naturally preferring the eating part).

Geovana Teran

Head of Operations

Born and raised in Quito, Ecuador, Geovana came to London when she was 18 with the intention of enrolling in uni to study IT. Luckily for her the minimum age to enrol was 19, and after a yearlong programming course she realised it was not quite as fun as it sounded (apparently it sounded fun…). After hearing a friend rave about how good it was, she decided to do something totally different and study hospitality management at Southbank University.

Geovana worked at the Holiday Inn while she studied, initially what was meant to be an internship lasted 4 years and several promotions. After working as an assistant manager at the Rathbone Hotel she decided to move into the property industry, working as an assistant reservations manager for a serviced apartment company and then a property manager at a larger estate agency.

She has been in the UK for 9 years now, doing her best to sample all the restaurants of London but also trying out new recipes with her husband. When not travelling she loves watching movies (comedy) and TV series (unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is her current favourite), however she is also partial to a bit of old school fun such as jigsaw puzzles and board games (we are yet to confirm whether she cheats at Monopoly).

Sam Ing

Property Manager

After growing up on a farm in Yorkshire, Sam studied Business Management at the University of Hull before deciding to put on a backpack and see some of Europe. He spent a fair amount of time in France working for a campsite, initially intending to just to some run of the mill labouring work, he eventually found himself in charge of the companies Nationwide operations and a team of over 30 staff!
Upon returning to the UK Sam worked as a lettings negotiator and then a property manager for an estate agency before joining us here at London Shared.
Sam is a huge foodie and not too bad in the kitchen (according to him anyway..) with specialities including roast dinner, any pie and chili con carne. He likes to travel and has visited quite a few cities in Europe, lived for around 3 years in North Carolina and backpacked around Thailand. He is secretly (well perhaps not so secretly) a huge petrol head and his dream is to one day rally drive!

Saba Shamim

Property Manager Team Leader

Born in Pakistan and raised in the UK, Saba studied hospitality management at London South Bank University.

After a few years working at a number of high-profile hotels, Saba got the call up from London Shared to join our Property Management team. 

Saba has a love for good food, and not so good food - in fact, she is London Shared's number one supplier of chocolate and sweets to the rest of the team!  Saba's love of travel has taken her around the world exploring many different countries. When not travelling, Saba spends most of her time entertaining her cheeky 1 year old niece.

Tom Hewitt

Lettings Manager

Born in the Surrey countryside, Tom was an accident-prone youngster whose love of driving probably came from weekends spent whizzing around the garden on a quad bike, until it ended up floating in the pond!  

Bucking the trend to go to Uni, Tom just wanted to get out into the world and started working at the most idyllic pub in Surrey, and over five years went from waiting on tables to managing the pub whilst the owners had a family. When not hard at work in London he is escaping into Surrey and driving to the middle of nowhere in his father’s Austin Healey 3000, to enjoy a glass of red and a burger with his ‘adopted family’ at that pretty pub he used to work at.

Tom is never happier than when he is set a challenge to organise something, from his own 21st for 120 people to a complete re-furb of a Company office space. So going forward we have decided he will be in charge of all London Shared social events…

In the three years that Tom has been in London he has learnt Clapham & Wandsworth like the back of his hand and has since decided to jump ship from a stereotypical lettings business to join London Shared!

Sam Mattock

Lettings Negotiator

Sam originates from The Cotswolds where he spent most of his youth kicking a ball around fields and climbing trees like most young boys. Whilst the dream was to be a professional footballer, Sam chose to take the same road as his dad to become a carpenter. He enjoyed the practical jokes and the work on a construction site but after three years of the same old gags, Sam decided he wanted to move up the ladder and become a Construction Manager. He moved into the office, running projects from £3 - £6m. He enjoyed the challenge as well as still having a good team around him but after getting qualified he decided that construction wasn’t the industry for him.
Sam decided that he wanted a change in career so he took the jump and moved to London with us to become a Lettings Negotiator. Sam’s hobbies consist of football, football, more football and the odd ski holiday (but unfortunately he is a snowboarder). Sam says the best thing about London Shared is having the dogs in the office,  because who doesn’t love dogs!

Kate Murdock

Office Administrator

You'll often be greeted by Kate on the phone, or when you pop into our (very well looked after) office. Kate keeps everyone at London Shared on their toes, making sure that we do everything properly and that the office is organised to perfection.   

Kate hails from London, and before joining London Shared, spent many years working as a Manager at a local Wandsworth nursery. 

Adam Mason

Operations & Solutions

Born in Reading UK, and half raised in the city and the Sussex countryside , spending a little time in Italy by the sea, before gravitating back to London to pursue his dreams. Adam has always been a city boy at heart.

 He studied at Art college in Surrey, coming away with an advanced diploma in Fine Art and Art History.

One of his first jobs was as a Runner at Pinewood Studios, dashing tea, coffee and scripts around sets. And where he also played Chess with Ted Danson and trod on the foot of Sean Connery...

 Adam has been writing a book for over a year now. A big, epic present day Sci-Fi novel inspired by a very deep dream he managed to write down in the middle of the night to remember in the morning, a rare human triumph! His aim is to get it published and launched over the next 2 years, if his idea eventually stops growing into a lord of the rings...

In his spare time he is a lifelong Arsenal fan and a big lover of boxing. When he’s not watching and cheering on his team or favourite champs and contenders, he loves to paint his own original artwork. He’s a huge enthusiast and particularly fascinated by all forms of global street and urban art. 

Mango Dog


Mango has been with London Shared since day one – watching us grow from working in a small former janitors closest to the offices we are in today! He can be found each day in our office, cosying up to whoever has food (he’s very fickle), or lying in the middle of the office getting his stomach rubbed.

Kona Bear


Kona is the newest canine addition to the team, being born in 2012 we still consider him to be a bit of a puppy. He also suffers from body dysmorphia, and thinks he is a lap dog – don’t be surprised if you come in the office and see him sitting on someone’s lap like an overgrown Chihuahua…

How much is my property worth?

We can rent your property directly from you for a fixed-term tenancy, paying you a guaranteed rent in-line, if not higher, than market rates. We also provide a full management service.

We know that every property is unique, so to find out how much your property is worth, click the free valuation button and we’ll be in touch at a time that’s convenient for you.

Free valuation

Free Valuation

We can rent your property directly from you for a fixed-term tenancy, paying you a guaranteed rent in-line, if not higher, than market rates.

We value properties based on lots of different factors; location, conditions, size... but we make sure that the process is simple and straightforward.

We know that every property is unique, so request a free valuation for your property now!

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