Stormont Road, Battersea

Thomas and Christel entrusted us with taking care of their family home while they will be living in Singapore for a couple of years because of Christel’s promotion.
Stormont Road
Thomas and Christel
Contract Start Date:
July 2015
Contract End Date:
July 2020
Break clause:
July 2018*
* As they were uncertain how long Christel will be bound to Singapore, they asked for a 3 year break clause.

Preliminary Work Done by London Shared

  • All bedrooms were painted and equipped with new furnishings – beds, bedside tables, wardrobes, chest of drawers and full length mirrors.
  • Neutral decor elements were applied throughout – pictures, table decoration, lamps and bedding.
  • Small electrical appliances, cutlery, dinnerware and glassware
    were brought to the kitchen.
  • The living room was provided with a new sofa.
Monthly Guaranteed Rent
This is an uncapped amount that the owners receive month after month, regardless of the rooms’ occupancy.
Landlord Costs
Landlord Time Saved
30 hours
Landlord Money Saved
£10,140 by evading agents’ fees for 5 years

Property History

2015 July

  • We noticed the property was available to rent and sent the owners a letter telling about our concept.
  • We met with Thomas at the property for a valuation.
  • Within 24 hours of the valuation we sent a formal email offering to rent the property directly from him on a 5 years contract.
  • Thomas asked us to come back a second time to explain the business concept to Christel.
  • Christel and Thomas considered the offer and said yes. Contract was signed.
  • We helped to organise the cleaning of the house because we knew the owners were busy preparing their relocation to Singapore.
  • We sent photos of the finished house to Christel and Thomas; they were really pleased.
  • Within the same month, professional tenants moved in and made the house their home. All tenants have been living there ever since.

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